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Winter 2016/2017

What is a year or two on trying to update my notes! So here goes

Vegetable garden has now all but gone.  My helpers went first so the weeds and pests overtook me.  We have kept the strawberry bed and the fruit trees but are now having trouble getting volunteers on the cooking apples for peeling and freezing, volunteers are short on the ground!


The job front is very good at present with good size and interesting schemes.  Semi-mature trees, planting mainly for screening have been high on our list of jobs with larger trees being craned into position.  The other interesting side of our work has been drainage with several gardens having ground drainage with a pumping system installed to move the water on.  All has worked well. 

Another trend has been for gravel drive using the gravel stabilisation system.  For the larger drive it is very cost effective method to achieve a good looking landscape that stands up well and of course is 100% porous.  The small drives the porous bonded grave does very well. 

The other trend on the paving side of things is the use of dark grey paving such as basalt and limestone. Some clients go for it to be sealed with a resin to give it that “polished/wet look”.  This looks very well in a particular garden which we completed where the panel fencing and screening trellis were all painted black as was the garden shed. 

I know the next items are opposite each other but fit in with today’s fast moving life – Artificial lawns, ideal for the small gardens that take a lot of wear and tear, specially for our little “darlings” and their love of football being the main culprits for tearing up natural grass.  Maintenance is of course a minimum. 

Moving onto customers with the larger garden and looking for reduction of maintenance, putting some of the area over to wildflower  will give a good spring and mid-summer cover and of course is very good for wildlife such as butterflies and bees and the other flying insects which will help with the natural world.  Maintaining a wildflower section needs only one cut per year so no hand-weeding of mulching as one would in a traditional border.

Staff levels

I am pleased to say all is static.  Jack our work experience lad has joined us as an apprentice. Somehow he get us to give him the answers to some of his harder questions on his course and then he moans at us if it is wrong! but I suppose us mature gardeners should not get it wrong!


This works carries on at a pace, mainly maintaining garden that we have landscaped which is good so that we can make sure the garden develops the way it was intended.  Lawns are always a challenge and at the time of writing these notes Fusarium patch (snow mould) is everywhere!

Winter salting

For two years now this work has got less and less, possibly due to global warming.  At the moment salt stocks are high so do we wish for cold, snowy winters?

Retail sales

Do check out our price list and if you hear of any of your neighbour’s looking for soft landscape materials please mention us.  You will see we have different types of turf for different sites. We also stock ornamental bark and the cheaper Amenity wood chip, general fertilisers, manures and are already for delivery.


We look forward to any garden enquiries you may have. We cover Essex, North London and the City

Have a good gardening year


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