The two patio gardens

The layout of the garden is not in the usual format (front garden does not face the  road).  The soft landscaping of the front area laying to the far right hand of the house with the gravel drive-way coming straight down to the house. The front of the house getting most of the sun, ideal for winter/spring warmth but too hot in the summer.  The rear garden is in the shade especially right up against the rear of the house in the winter months but mid-summer considerably cooler than the front garden and enjoyed the evening sun which is ideal for eating alfesco. To capitalise on these pluses and minuses, we developed the two areas as follows:-

The front garden paved to link in the front door to our new paved areas for a seating area and shaded by a large sun umbrella with two optional sitings to maximise the shade, space as the sun moved around.  The shape of the patio is designed to maximise personal use without impeding on car-parking and turning space.  Planting areas were left within the paved areas to softer the front of the house and the paved areas.

The rear patio was for eating out – large table and chairs. Siting of the patio was important to maximise the evening sun but still to keep out of the cool breeze/wind blowing through from the side fields.  To this area, to which some part was already paved, care was taken up in the lifting of existing paving for reuse and this older paving was mixed with the new which blended in successfully and this of course reduced our waste and purchase of new pavings.  The feed back we have received from our clients was that the design worked well.





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